Car of the Week – MOT Ferrari Testarossa

Who wouldn’t want to MOT a Ferrari?

We appreciate every car that comes through our door but it is nice to look after something a bit different every now and then. This week we had the pleasure of MOTing this beauty!

I am sure you will agree this car is a bit special.

We are quite proud of our Chippenham Garage but an extra bit of decoration doesn’t do any harm every now and again.

We carried out an MOT on behalf of Chris Marsh Classics on this Ferrari Testarossa. Chris and his team are local specialists in classic cars so they often get to work with some more unusual cars.

Shaun is a big fan of fast and shiny cars so he was the first to volunteer to carry the MOT on this one. It might not quite be the same as owning one but being trusted to look after such a luxury car is not a bad consolation prize.

We love to work on all of your cars though so you don’t need to have a Ferrari for us to enjoy you bringing your car in. Take a look at our services page or call us on 01240 650594 if you would like to see what we can help you with.

Ferrari in MOT Bay
Rear of Ferrari in MOT bay
Ferrari Engine