Jaguar F Pace Faulty Air Con

This week a customer brought in their Jaguar F Pace with faulty Air Con. The customer had already visited another company for an Air Con regas but it had since stopped working again.

We were asked to find out why the gas had not lasted very long. After carrying out some investigation we diagnosed a leak from the condenser.

We replaced the air conditioning condenser and then carried out a full regas. This car is a newer Jaguar F Pace which means it required the new R-1234-YF gas.

Halfway through replacing a condenser on a Jaguar F Pace

At our garage in Chippenham we stock both the R-134-a and R-1234-YF gases and we have both machines. This means we can help regas your air con regardless of which gas is required or how old your vehicle is.

Regassing the air con on a Jaguar FPace with R-1234-YF gas.

Please get in touch on 01249 650594 if your cars air con is not working as well as it should be. We can book you in for an air con regas or to diagnose any problems.