Jaguar F Pace Faulty Air Con

This week a customer brought in their Jaguar F Pace with faulty Air Con. The customer had already visited another company for an Air Con regas but it had since stopped working again.

We were asked to find out why the gas had not lasted very long. After carrying out some investigation we diagnosed a leak from the condenser.

We replaced the air conditioning condenser and then carried out a full regas. This car is a newer Jaguar F Pace which means it required the new R-1234-YF gas.

Halfway through replacing a condenser on a Jaguar F Pace

At our garage in Chippenham we stock both the R-134-a and R-1234-YF gases and we have both machines. This means we can help regas your air con regardless of which gas is required or how old your vehicle is.

Regassing the air con on a Jaguar FPace with R-1234-YF gas.

Please get in touch on 01249 650594 if your cars air con is not working as well as it should be. We can book you in for an air con regas or to diagnose any problems.


Car of the week – Mercedes E Class

Here is another example of what we have been up to recently. It is a little bit late but last weeks car of the week was this Mercedes E Class.

The customer came into the garage complaining of a noise from the steering. The car was dropped off with us to take a look and we diagnosed a leak from the power steering pipes.

We carried out a fairly routine repair by replacing the power steering pipes. A short test drive confirmed the noise had disappeared.

Another happy customer at SW Motor Services.

Mercedes E Class noisy Steering

Car of the Week – MOT Ferrari Testarossa

Who wouldn’t want to MOT a Ferrari?

We appreciate every car that comes through our door but it is nice to look after something a bit different every now and then. This week we had the pleasure of MOTing this beauty!

I am sure you will agree this car is a bit special.

We are quite proud of our Chippenham Garage but an extra bit of decoration doesn’t do any harm every now and again.

We carried out an MOT on behalf of Chris Marsh Classics on this Ferrari Testarossa. Chris and his team are local specialists in classic cars so they often get to work with some more unusual cars.

Shaun is a big fan of fast and shiny cars so he was the first to volunteer to carry the MOT on this one. It might not quite be the same as owning one but being trusted to look after such a luxury car is not a bad consolation prize.

We love to work on all of your cars though so you don’t need to have a Ferrari for us to enjoy you bringing your car in. Take a look at our services page or call us on 01240 650594 if you would like to see what we can help you with.

Ferrari in MOT Bay
Rear of Ferrari in MOT bay
Ferrari Engine

Our team is expanding

We have some exciting news! Our friendly Chippenham garage team is expanding. Our guys have been extra busy over the last few weeks and needed some extra help. The long hours were not sustainable so we now have someone new in the office. Cloè joined our team on 1st July and is doing her best to keep us all organised.

Cloè has plenty of experience in the car industry in Chippenham so you will be in safe hands. She will help us work even harder on our customer service and will have time to respond to all of your enquiries a lot quicker than Shaun can.

You are now likely to get straight through to Cloe when you call the garage. Please give us a call to get a quote, book an MOT or arrange work on your car. To get in touch please call the office on 01249 650594.

We would like to take this time to say a massive thank you for all your support over the past few months. We have some amazing customers and you have kept us all going during this unusual time.

Why not take a look at our About page if you would like to learn about the rest of the team.

Thank you again for all of your continued support over the years.


We now do MOTs onsite in Chippenham

For those of you who weren’t aware, we no longer outsource our MOTs to another garage, we carry out all class 4 MOTs onsite in our Chippenham garage.

Last year we invested a lot of time and effort getting the garage ready for an MOT bay. On November 8th 2019 our MOT bay was signed off by DVSA.

All our mechanics are now qualified MOT testers as well which has made such a difference to our availability of MOTs.


We finally have a website!!

So we have been up and running in our current premises in Chippenham for nearly 5 years and before that we were working out of another garage as well as being mobile for a couple of years. In all that time, we never got round to building our website.

The wait is finally over and now we have taken the time to get our website up and running.

We hope you enjoy taking a look around. We plan to keep you all up to date with what we are getting up to so keep checking in for the latest news.

With life moving a bit more slowly during the COVID lockdown we took the opportunity to sit and have a think about what we want to do with the garage so you can expect to see lots more changes coming.

Thank you all for your continued support.